September 27, 2021

Cowboys Hard Knocks

Dallas Cowboys

The HBO television series Hard Knocks has announced this year they will follow the Dallas Cowboys at their training camp in Oxnard, California. This is the fourth edition of “Hard Knocks,” and the second to include the Cowboys. The Cowboys were also on the show back in ’02. Only one team has ever made the playoffs after doing the show and that was the 2001 Ravens who went 10-6 after winning the Super Bowl the year before. My opinion is you don’t want a camera crew following your every move for the entire training camp. This Cowboys team has a lot of potential and I think all this distraction during such an important time for team chemistry is a recipe for disaster.


  1. Bruins1 says

    Here is where Jerry Jones has fooled them all.. He is bringing back the cast of North Dallas Forty.. Nick Nolte, Mac Davis.. yes Mac “freaking I dont look a Football player but I act as one” Davis, Charles Durning, Bo Svenson, Dabney Coleman and of course ex SWAT actor Steve Forrest will be playing Cowboy players coaches and execs so you can get the real effect.

  2. This is the kiss of death for the Cowboys. Pacman and TO on a tv show??? Oh brother.

  3. I think this is a perfect choice. All the showoffs on this team will do quite well on HBO.

  4. The Cowboys are the second most overrated team right now behind the Patriots. The Hard Knocks show is just icing on the cake to a bad season for the Boys.

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