October 19, 2021

Bonds Broods

Barry Bonds

“I can’t understand why no one wants my offensive prowess on their team?”


  1. Something looks altered with the picture guys. Barry’s head isn’t that small!

  2. Everytime I see a Barry article on TV or whatever. I always think of the line of a war movie:
    “This is my syringe .. nobodys syringe is like my syringe” Before he shoots the manager..

    If you look at all the DH’s in the AL.. I think it is ‘clear’ (no pun intended) that these teams are all set at that position. Maybe Johnny Gomes is not the best DH in the AL.. but he isnt going to get hounded every single day about steroids, HGH etc.. by the media. The Rays dont need that hounding being a young ballclub at this point. If they needed that one guy to put them over the top.. maybe.. They got a lot more work to do before they can play with the others in the AL East.

  3. He will ultimately be signed by some AL team, but I tend to agree that it won’t be the Rays Bruins1. They have a solid young core of talent and they just got rid of a cancer in Elijah Dukes so there isn’t reason to bring in another parasite. Thanks for the comment.

  4. He will end up signing with the Seattle Mariners.

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