September 25, 2022’s ‘Back in the Day Clips’

In honor of the first full weekend of the NFL season check out this intro to NFL Today on CBS from 1978. Think technology has advanced a bit since this fossil?


  1. An absolute Beauty!!!

    A couple things were cool about this show.

    1. the player getting stepped on the back
    2. Tuborg Gold beer. You never hear of Tuborg beer let a lone Tuborg Gold
    3. WANG – My old job. This is a company which never believed PC’s would ever be in the home. Go figure.
    4. The Hot Jayne Kennedy.. Today she is the BLIMP Jayne Kennedy. Phyllis George didnt like getting exploited so CBS said FU and brought in Jayne who had no problem getting exploited as long as there was a buffet.
    5.Jimmy The Great – This show was after Jimmy made the comment the black athletes were bred to jump and run faster back in africa… he also DID know the inside track on wagers and never.. I mean Never gave you the pick of picks as he would keep that one for himself.
    6. Irv Cross.. didnt know him then and still nobody knows him now.
    7. Finally .. still one of the best in the business. Brent Musberger. ..need I say more? In one week he can go from Little league world series, to college football to NASCAR without a hitch.