October 20, 2021

O.J. Simpson Alleged Robbery Audio Clip

O.J Simpson

By now I’m sure you all have heard O.J. Simpson is being held in Las Vegas on several felony charges after a major confrontation and alleged robbery attempt in the Palace Station casino of Sin City. O.J. says this is all a misunderstanding, but check out the alleged O.J. robbery audio clip and you determine if this wasn’t a hostile event. Don’t forget the men in cahoots with O.J. were supposedly armed with guns. Will this finally lead to the demise of Juice?


  1. it is quite obvious that OJ really gets the ol’ “What happens in vegas stays in Vegas” Cus he is staying in Vegas for a while…. a long while. Finally his nine lives have been cashed in and I dont care that he was set up. Stupid people get set up. I am sure he was looking for Ron and Nicoles killers while in the Palace Station. What a crap hotel anyway. That iplace s a local hang out as well as a bus trip for AARP members. Yeah OJ you used to roll at teh Ceasars or MGM.. now it is the Graybar Hotel

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