September 27, 2021

New NFL Logo

The NFL will introduce a new logo during the draft this coming year. The current one has been in place since 1980. We have included some tidbits on the reason behind the changes. I know this is random, but we dig stuff like this here at

New NFL logo

*The new shield features eight stars that represent the eight NFC and AFC divisions rather than 25 on the current logo. No one knows why there used to be 25.

*The football at the center has been updated to resemble the ball atop the Vince Lombardi championship trophy. It no longer looks like the ‘flying hamburger’ you see in the current logo.

*This change will be a VERY expensive one when you start to think about apparel, groundskeepers, video games, football makers, etc.

I have to say I’m not sure its worth it and why mess with history.


  1. Wow!!!! It’s so remarkably different!!

  2. Very small changes for TONS of cash. Makes sense, right??????

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