October 15, 2021

Meth Head Marinovich

Todd Marinovich arrested again

Former USC star quarterback Todd Marinovich is in trouble again with the law. It seems Todd ran from officers this past Sunday when they tried to stop him in the early morning hours for skateboarding near a boardwalk that prohibits thrashing on a skateboard. A few minutes later the fuzz found Marinovich hiding in a garage with about one gram of methamphetamine, a metal spoon and a hypodermic needle. This dude is 38 years old and he is out skateboarding in the early morning hours with meth on his person…..NICE!!! It seems he has really gotten his life in order after blowing his opportunity in the NFL many years back due to a severe smack addiction.


  1. knowing from experience as well as knowing this genius.. I dont think he is eating any Big Macs in this training session. An absolute crummy life his turned out to be. From the robo qb to homeless and addicted to a drug in which less than 10% can kick. He was brought up training with the LA Rams trainers, not able to eat any junk food, living a college and pro QB life at age 15 and was the best QB in the country out of HS and went to play at USC. Then all came crashing down as he left school early cuz he couldnt cope with school and was picked up by Al Davis and that band of renegades who did not bang on him hard enuf for him to be a better man. Why should he have been?.. he was only 20. he grew up fast and crashed even faster and this story will not be the last till we hear about his impending death.

  2. One of your best posts ever Bruins1

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