January 23, 2022

Imus Redemption

Don Imus

Why? If he is that bad and CBS wanted him gone does he now deserve a settlement from them for $20 million dollars? I have to call BS and then flip both my middle fingers at Viacom. They said they fired him because he made racist comments, but in reality he had been doing this during his entire time on “Imus in the Morning”. It boils down to what we all know it revolved around which was Viacom’s sponsors. If CBS held out two weeks longer then everything would have been just fine because the next big news story would have come along. I don’t support his comments in the least bit, but I’m totally willing to call a female sports athlete a “nappy headed ho” if I can get pizzaid on the backside.


  1. Good to hear he is coming back and $20M richer.. nothing like making a mistake and getting paid for it. Also this issue has gone way too far… have we become the overly PC country? YES!!!! imagine a race other than white calling out another on the radio … would this be as huge an issue. GET OVER IT people.
    Now one of the players on Rutgers is suing for $120M for defamation of character. She can not continue living her life as she was shamed by an idiot.. I am sure she has been called worse on the basketball floor during a tussle for a rebound. or for that matter by a peer she didnt get along with in High School. C’mon.. you know she will not see a dime. It is in plain english that Imus’s contract specifically said for him to create contraversy. he did and he paid.. well got paid for it.No issue all the way around.. Oh what ever happened to the girl who lied about the Duke Lacrosse case? did those boys ever sue her?.. Has she been villafied in the press? NO.. she was allowed to keep her anonimity..has jesse or Rev Al apologized to those boys after determining them guilty before any trial? …didn’t think so.

  2. Agreed. CBS execs need to grow a pair. If they had been more patient, they would have saved themselves $20 million. Way to set an example.

    Jud, for your “nappy headed ho” remark, I’m going to need to contact all of your advertisers. That way, I can pull a Sharpton and get pizzaid too.

    BTW, the worst part about all of this is that it forces normal people to defend Imus…who sucks.

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