December 1, 2021

Michael Vick: Beginning of the End?

Michael Vick

Roger Goodell informed Michael Vick today to not even bother reporting to training camp this week. How long is it until the NFL orders Vick to sit out the whole year? In my mind there is no way he sets foot on the field this year due to all the distractions surrounding him. Plus just think in roughly a year or so the main distractions he will have is who is taking care of his money and most importantly DON’T DROP THE SOAP!


  1. Nice going Home Depot genius.. you traded Matt Shaub and put the keys to the castle in this anti-PETA freak. Now you have Joey Harrington driving the bus. Look for DJ Shockley to get some PT in this Petrino O before too long. How bout that guy? leaving Louisville for a shot at the NFL with Mike Vick as your QB in a scheme built for speed and BAM!!! this happens. Its like having one of those Heidi Klum dreams and then the neighbors dog starts barking in the middle of the night.. I know bad analogy.

    Anyways…look for Dante’s (Culpepper) inferno to come aboard and show Atlanta the meaning of a true passer.

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