October 15, 2021

Cody Paul is the Heat

Has anyone heard of Cody Paul? I’m guessing no since he is currently only playing Pee-Wee, but I have a feeling in a few years you might know him. Check out this video clip displaying his highlights in a season where the Los Alamitos Griffins went 15-0 and won the national championship. Impressive!

Cody’s runs

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  1. Very rarely do I come across a blog entry which props my old pee wee football team. yes I was a Griffin and lived, worked and went to prep school in Los Al for years. Kuddos to Stonecold for bringing a little of my home back to me.

  2. Just for you. 😉

  3. this kid is nasty what college will he go to when he gets older ?

  4. cody paul is one of the most talented boys i ever seen that plays little collage foot ball

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