December 1, 2021

Angel Cabrera Wins US Open

Angel Cabrera

Angel Cabrera from Argentina captured the US Open title yesterday despite the pressure of having Tiger Woods in contention on the final day of a golf major. I think every golf announcer in the booth and on the course felt there was no way any player could handle the Tiger pressure, but in the end they were wrong. Cabrera and his carton of cigarettes were on fire (haha) all day! I swear I saw Cabrera with a cigarette in his hand at least four times on the final day and I haven’t seen that since the Ian Woosnam days. Congrats to Angel and which cigarette company will hire him as a sponsor first?


  1. eer Angel…..pass it over.

    There is no way he was smoking ciggie. He would never have maintained his composure smoking a Parlament.

    Mi tio Angel was getting over on all of us. He had some really well rolled blunts in order to phase out those Steeler fans lined up to see Tiger choke again.

    Lets see now Tigger.. 0-29 in come from behind wins. Sounds more like the freakin’ Atlanta Hawks. yeah OK.. Jack had more seconds in Majors than wins, but you were in the final group in both Majors this year and even when Johnny “I am an idiot” Miller keeps saying that the guy in your twosome will choke, they never bring up the fact that 3 twosomes behind you some guy is making putts you didn’t make the day before. I have never seen a better round of golf in my life than that of Tiger on Saturday. The only problem was that Tiger needed a 66 and he would have won this thing before round 4. he missed putt after putt and if he hd hit just 2 or 3 more that day.. no come from behind would have been needed.

    Also… will someone please teach those morons in the NBC booth to use the telstrator correctly. What.. do we need to bring in the czar.. Jim Fratello to show Dan Hicks what to do?

    One more thing.. hey Roger Maltbie.. When Tiger teed off on 1 and the crowd was going crazy and you say..”looks way left Johnny” and Johnny and the entire world see it land in the middle of the fairway then Johnny says to embarrass you by saying “No Raj, that is perfect”.. do us all a favor and just turn around and follow the twosome of Ken Duke and Bob Tway cuz nobody weants to hear you any more.

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