December 1, 2021

Pacman Jones – You Made It Rain Video

This video clip goes out to’s most hated athlete Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones.


  1. He’s your most hated athlete? Mines Mike Myers (from the Yankees) – his crappy abilities, the fact that he thinks he’s a team leader, the fact he can’t hold up for more than 2 batters, the way his name is stolen from the guy that plays Shrek, everything.

    Pacman’s not a bad choice, but really, there are worse players than the Pacman. He’s more stupid than crappy. I can forgive stupid, they aren’t paying him to think, after all.

  2. K.K. – We have stated many times here at SportsUnderground Pacman is a great talent, but is the scum of the Earth when it comes to character. They do pay him to represent the team and city in a respectable way and he is doing a horrible job thus the reason his world is being turned upside down.

    Mike Myers is a random pick, but thanks for the comment.

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