October 24, 2021

Blazers Win the Lottery

NBA Lottery

The Portland Traiblazers had only a 5.3% chance of winning the number one pick in the 2007 draft, but that didn’t stop them from winning last night in the drawing. The NBA’s rookie of the year and one of many young talents on the Blazers team Brandon Roy represented the Blazers during the lottery drawing. The Sonics were able to land the second pick of the draft so we do know Oden and Durant will end up on one of these two teams barring a trade. I’m almost willing to guarantee Portland makes the playoffs next year with this huge victory and the Sonics won’t really improve at all.

Poor Memphis Grizzlies! They had the worst record in the NBA and a 25% chance of landing the first pick and ended up with the fourth. VP Jerry West was extremely upset with the outcome and thinks the lottery system needs to be changed. The system has barely ever helped out any of the worst teams so this might be the final straw.


  1. Of all the teams in all the land to receive this stroke of misfortune. YES I said misfortune. I have 2 words which will explain everything: Sam Bowie.

    Now do you get another center who is in most accounts the second coming of God. Don’t be swayed cuz he looks just as old, but let’s remember that he plays 1 position and Kevin Durant has the opportunity to be better than a Kobe or a Tracy etc…

    Years ago Portland couldn’t make a mistake by taking a much needed center in Bowie, a stud at Kentucky with all the breeding of a Derby horse. Then you had this kid who played at NC who ended up to be…well MJ.

    Portland.. whatever you do, don’t be fooled.. Oden will be a good center in the NBA if he stays healthy, but what are the chances he will be a great center in the NBA? What if he doesn’t stay healthy?, because we already know he is prone to such issues. Durant is a 2,3 or 4 who can shoot the outside j or take it to the hole against in most cases a smaller player guarding him.

    Take Durant with your 1st pick… and dont let your neighbor to the north reap the benefits of such a talent. With all that has gone wrong for the organization this is the time to reverse the curse and team Durant up with Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldredge, Zach Randolph, Jarret Jack and Joel Pryzbilla to form the best young and most active team in the NBA

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