September 25, 2022

Randy Moss Traded

Randy Moss

After months of speculation Moss has been moved out of Oakland. The New England Patriots landed Moss today in a trade for a fourth round draft pick. The Patriots have picked up Donte Stallworth, Wes Welker, Kelly Washington and now Moss in the offseason. It makes me sad to say it, but this has to be the preseason pick to win the Super Bowl.


  1. I dont see it. This guy os a cancer almost as much as TO. In my opinion I see the armour of the Patriot invincability getting a little scarred. The ONLY way this works is if Tom Brady works with this guy in the off season and develops an affection like he did with Deon Branch and he is OK with sharing the reps with Stallworth, Welker, and the TE’s, otherwise this experiment is like a bunson burner in your fist Biology class where you blow up the freakin classroom turning sugar into caramel…on accident

  2. It could be Bruins1, but look what they did with Corey Dillon. This team does their due diligence and don’t forget when Moss is winning ball games he is giving you his best effort.

  3. soooo, he gave his best effort a whole 2 times last year then in oakland. i agree with the cancer comment.

  4. Oh so if he is not winning he doesn’t put out? This is definately the guy you want on your team.

    Corey Dillon was not as bad as this guy. At least Dillon rushed for 1000 every year in lowly Cinci. He complained he wanted out and for very good reasons. The coach, the team and the exec team sucked and although this was not a good situation for him he managed to continually carry the ball for yds despite an awful O-line. Moss on the other hand gives up on 75% of all plays.

  5. dexineffex says

    Moss was a casualty of the black hole, just like Warren Sapp, Charles Woodson, etc. The only bright spot was my tarheel, Ron Curry ;-). It didn’t really matter which WRs you had there….they didnt have a clue if a throw would get past the line of scrimmage.

    I think Moss will have a helluva year in NE…and I am far from a Pats fan. Brady has to be pumped and is licking his chops to light up the AFC Least 2ndaries.

    Bruins1 – Moss is not nearly the cancer that TO is or half of the Bengals are. He’ll toss out some country grammer, smoke a lil bud, and pop his fro….but he wont raise hell in NE.

  6. Bruins1 says

    Agreed Dex.. he really does have a passion to play and especially for a winner, but keep yo lips closed bro and play football.

  7. “Pats trade 4th rounder for Moss, shoot themselves when they realize they could have had Keyshawn for free”

  8. Sorry K.K., but Moss and Johnson are not comparable. IMO Thanks for the comment.