December 1, 2021

Julian Wright Wake Up

Julian Wright
I personally feel you shouldn’t even be thinking about entering the NBA draft this year. I understand you haven’t hired an agent so your not completey out of your skull, but you are NOT ready for the big time. I’m not sure you will want to enter the drat next year after your junior season with the Kansas Jayhawks. Yes you are athletic and have some good skills, but you have a long way to go beyond the 12 pts and 7 rebounds you averaged this past year. I also know many agents are saying you could be a lottery pick, but I think you are one of those players whose stock can only go up. Please come back and quit trying to follow the steps of so many fallen players who couldn’t make the big step to the NBA.


  1. I absolutely love College Basketball and the moment March Madness is over I go into a deep depression. I am shocked that today that the NCAA has not found a way to solve the issue of leaving early. Yeah yeah we have the small rule that at least guarantees ones year of College ball. The NCAA is really doing them a disservice.

  2. mattnando i couldn’t agree with you more. college basketball is still an incredible sport, but it has been severely diluted due to the success of a few very young players who make the jump. i don’t really know if we will ever see anything else put into place other than this one year rule. maybe, but i doubt it. thank you very much for the comment.

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