September 25, 2022

Florida Gators Back to Back National Champions

Florida Gators

I’m going to make this pretty short and sweet because I didn’t want to see the arrogant Gators win back to back National Championships, but they did so they at least deserve a mention.  Corey Brewer received the Most Outstanding Player of the tourney, Lee Humphrey is a three point shooting machine, Chris Richard played like a senior should play, Taurean Green is a solid leader and Al Horford rebounded his a$$ off all tournament.  Joakim Noah is an idiot and will always be an idiot.  Good luck in the NBA Joakim…LOL! 

The biggest question of all now is will Billy Donovan jump ship to Kentucky?  I think it would be a really bad move to jump in that frying pan, but the money does talk to people sometimes.  Florida fans will immediately lose respect and the Kentucky fans are quick to disown you Billy!  These are things I hope you are thinking about during your decision process. 

Congratulations Florida Gators for your 2007 National Championship.


  1. dexineffex says

    I think Billy D would be an absolute fool and shmuch for taking the UK gig. That reeks!! While they are not in-state rivals, UK and UF have established quite the rivalry in bball and it would be a slap in the face of gator nation for lil Billy to make his home in the cats den.

    Time will tell, but my money is on him staying and Sidney Lowe taking the UK job.

  2. Dexineffex agree with everything except the Sidney Lowe comment. Sidney might bounce to the NBA for a head coaching job, but Kentucky would never go after him.