August 2, 2021

Duke Lacrosse Players Charges Dropped

Duke lacrosse

I’m pretty sure anyone who has been paying attention to this case over the last few weeks knew the end was coming soon.  Since Mike Nifong was removed from the case this past January because of the charges by the state bar for ethics violations over handling the case it was inevitable the case was done. Nifong totally blew the whole thing out of proportion by getting Durham so up in arms over the case just to get him reelected.  David Evans, Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty have all been through a living hell due to being falsely accused of such a heinous crime. Their lives will never be the same and don’t forget their families are EACH stuck with a million dollar lawyer fee. What a world we live in when someone can make up something so ludicrous and hurtful and then the innocent are stuck with the tab.


  1. Helloooooo…Anybody out there? jesse? Al? where are you?

    Ahhh. The little strpper who you tied your wagons to has been proven to be a liar. Where are all those wannabe preachers from the community who camped out in front of the house to continue kicking these racist boys? Where is the apology? Oh I see you have bigger fish to fry with Imus. Freaking amazing.

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