December 1, 2021

Alex the Great

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez doesn’t appear to be cooling off any time soon. A-Rod hit his 13th and 14th home runs of the season last night in a 10-8 loss against Tampa Bay. Rodriguez tied Albert Pujols record for the most home runs in the month of April and it’s possible he could contend with the overall record of 20 in a month by Sammy Sosa. A-Rod is on absolute fire, but his 8-10 Yankees aren’t at all.



  1. talk to me in October.

    Remember a guy last April who led the MLB with 12 dingers? this same guy did not even make it thru the year on the 27 man roster as well as the 40 man roster in September or the playoff roster thru the world series who ended up with 16 HR’s for the year in 115 games…

    …His name: Chris Shelton. Pleez do not bring up April stats again.. they are meaningless.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Bruins1 that April doesn’t make a season. Second of all I could have named the player you referenced if you wouldn’t have given an answer. Thirdly I don’t like Alex Rodriguez or the Yankees in the LEAST bit. Finally, and most importantly, the reason I made note of this feat in an objective manner is because I think we are about to witness something very special. I could be wrong and I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if i am, but it appears A-Rod is on to something this season and it isn’t a Shelton bomb.

  3. Stonecold.. I love you bro!! keep up the great stuff.

    And BTW: I HATE the Yankees.. Go Dodgers and Angels. A freeway world series would be da bomb. Unfortunately when it is all said and done it will be Detroit v Mets. The current World Champs will be under 500 and the Dodgers and Toronto will lose in the LCS.

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