September 25, 2022’s All Pass Me the Pill Team

All Pass Me the Pill Team

These guys drop it like it’s hot.  When you want to watch unselfish players look no further than these ballers.

Guard: Jared Jordan, Marist  He averaged one assist more than anyone else in the country this year.  Jordan will gave the Red Foxes 8.9 assists a game and still found a way to score 17.7 per game. 

Guard: D.J. Augustin, Texas  When you have an All Black Hole player (Kevin Durant) on your team you better be able to pass and D.J. definitely can.  Augustin was the fourth best in the country in assists at 6.8 a game.   

Center: Josh McRoberts, Duke  Yes he is soft overall, but dude has game.  He is very athletic and his passing skills for a big man are next to none.

Forward: Geoff McDermott, Providence  As a forward he averaged 5.4 dimes a game.

Forward: Jared Dudley, Boston College  He was ACC player of the year and even though I can’t stand to watch the kid play he really is a true team player.  Dudley could sometimes be accused of passing the ball to much.


  1. I like the team except for Darren Collison should be there other than a Josh McRoberts who has no choice to pass due to his inability to penetrate the lane and be a true big man.

  2. I couldn’t put Collison on the team with Jordan and Augustin out there. You are on point that Roberts is soft, but he is down right the best passing big man I have seen in the last ten years other than Andrew Bogut.