September 25, 2022

McGahee Traded to Ravens

Willis McGahee

Willis McGahee has been traded from Buffalo to the Ravens today for a third and seventh round pick this year along with a third round pick next year.  Shortly after the trade McGahee signed a seven year deal that could be worth over $40 million.  I think the Ravens have made a great acquisition because McGahee is a player who could really push them to the Super Bowl this coming year.  The Bills however are going to stink worse than they did this past year after trading Willis.  Does anyone else think Buffalo is a bunch of cheap skates?


  1. the movie “major league” comes to mind. maybe they are wanting to stink so bad and move the team to las vegas….or oklahoma city…they take teams that are looking for new homes

  2. Vegas does seem to be in the mix anytime a new home for a team is discussed. I just heard two days ago the Pittsburgh Penguins are thinking about Vegas now too along with Kansas City. Hockey in Vegas sounds like a hotel show to me. 🙂