December 1, 2021

Cardiac Pack???

NC State Wolfpack

Could this be a year like the infamous 1983 National Champinoship Jim Valvano led squad? If that is a strech then are they more like the 1997 “Iron Five” squad who made it all the way to the ACC Champinship game before losing to the mighty Tarheels? The Wolfpack upset Duke last night in overtime 85-80 so these questions are abound especially with all the upsets that occurred in the ACC tournament yesterday. The Pack hasn’t won the ACC Championship since 1987 so this year makes it the 20th anniversary.


  1. dexineffex says

    Insightful commentary there StoneCold. The stars may be aligned for the Pack to make a serious run….after all, they can take out UVA b/c if any of their 2 guards has an off night, they’re in trouble. That then sets up State vs. G.Tech (my prediction) which could be trouble. I’m hoping you guys make it all the way to Sunday, they need for Fells and Jamaica-man to drop 20pts a piece.

    As I recall, the ’87 team won the championship when it was played up in Maryland or DC, led by the Itialian Stallion Vinny Del Negro. That was a helluva a tourney for the pack as they knocked out both Dook & UNC. That championship ushered in the golden years of NC State bball…..the era of Fire & Ice! We know what CC is doing now, but what ever happened to the sharp-shootin Rodney Monroe?????

  2. Thanks for the comments dexineffex. I just don’t know how Atsur can handle Singletary or Reynolds, but if they can somehow hold the guards down they will win again.

    Keep in mind it can’t be G Tech next because Wake upset them last night in double overtime. Fells does need to get his head out of his a$$ though because he is important to true tourney success.

    When the Pack won in 87 it was in the Capital Centre with Vinny D.

    Great question on Rodney Monroe because I haven’t a clue.

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