December 1, 2021

Weasel, Snake, Saban, Petrino…Same Difference

With all due respect to Stonecold, I hope Petrino falls flat on his face.  It’s one thing to want to move up the “coaching ladder”, take a more prestigious job, and ultimately make a ton more cash.  But if you think those kind of moves are in your future, don’t sign a LONG term contract.  Less than a year into a 10 year contract, Petrino decided to take his dog and pony show to another city, leaving kids who had committed to him and Louisville holding the bag.  COMMITTED.  I bet you Petrino couldn’t spell that with two hands and a dictionary (I’d even let Nicky Saban help him).  He can claim all he wants that he was not actively pursuing the job, and that may be technically true.  But when your agent is shopping you this early into your contract, you can bet he wasn’t doing it on his own.  If there was 1 year left on the contract, the agent would just be doing his job, however this is just wrong.  Petrino lied to those who signed him to a contract.  He lied to the kids who he told I’ll be here for the long haul.  He lied to the community and city of Louisville by selling them a bill of goods he had no intention of providing if he could help it.  He is just that….a liar.  So yeah, I hope he falls on his face in Atlanta.

The Falcons have told Little Bobby that he would be able to make the long term decision on Mike Vick as well.  If he thinks Vick can play the position for the Falcons, they will keep him.  If he has doubts, they will try to trade him.  My question is, how the hell will Petrino be able to make any decision dealing with long term.  His promises are only good as long has the end of his nose….fortunately for him, it appears to be getting longer every day.  Good day and piss off Petrino.


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