December 1, 2021’s Dumb A$$ of the Week Award's Dumb A$$ of the Week

This week we had a clear cut winner for the award. It goes to no other than mister “it’s all about me” Braylon Edwards. Earlier in the week he criticized Cleveland’s conservative offensive play calling publically and then went on to question his own teammate Brian Russell for his hard hit on Chad Johnson earlier in the season. Things really escalated yesterday on the sidelines against the Bengals when Edwards exchanged heated words with quarterback Charlie Frye and even grabbed his jersey while teammates tried to calm him down. Quality character Mr. Edwards!


  1. This, my friend, is one of many reasons why this team will, sadly, probably never win a Super Bowl. Phil Savage wonders why there is a “woe-is-me” attitude among Browns fans. Well, if the big-money “saviors” don’t get hurt or lose their skills, they have character issues, which cause rebuild after rebuild. I think Crennel will be fired and the new Browns, take 9999999, will break ground in Jan and be years away.

    BTW, some good advice. “Google owns all the search engines” so let’s do this rankings thing finally!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Madmax. Thank you for the comment.

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