December 1, 2021

Chargers Take a Major Jolt

Shawne MerrimanShawne Merriman has decided to drop his appeal against the four game suspension he received from the NFL due to testing positive to steroids. San Diego has to know playing without this stud outside linebacker will be a significant downgrade in one of the AFC’s better defenses. Merriman was appealing the suspension because he and his lawyer felt he ingested a tainted supplement. I am a Chargers fan and love to watch Merriman play, but Shawn…you took a tainted supplement??? Yes you did and it was only tainted because you shot it on your A$$! Stay away from the roids because you are too good.

Story: Shawne Merriman


  1. Report: Chargers LB Merriman expected to drop appeal…

    Pro Bowl linebacker Shawne Merriman may not play at all in November.
    The New York Times reported Tuesday that Merriman plans to drop his appeal of a four-game suspension he faces for testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance.

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