September 25, 2022

JJ Redick Busted for DUI

Excuse me, but what the hell is JJ Redick doing less than a month, 2 weeks actually, from the NBA Draft, drinking and driving!??! I….I mean….What do you……That’s just stupid! I hereby declare that we will be awarding a Dumbass of the Week award. The problem here is, who gets it this week? Obviously, Redick would be choice #1, but then you remember just yesterday Ben “Kneival” Roethlisberger demonstrating his human torpedo act. Some folks just aren’t very smart. Leave us a comment and tell us who ought to be the winner this week!


  1. I vote for Redick Wolfman. This Dumbass of the Week seems pretty simple. I know Ben should wear a helmet and really shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle, but I don’t think the wreck was his fault. JJ on the other hand should have just drove to the check point and probably would have breezed through because he is God in Durham. The fact he decided to turn away from the checkpoint gives him the award hands down!