December 1, 2021

Charles Barkley Gambleholic

Well here is the news story today from Captain Obvious.  Charles Barkley has come out in an interview and stated he has a gambling problem.  All in all he pales in comparison to John Daly’s losses, but his $10 million in losses is no petty cash.  I just don’t find this to be anything we didn’t already know based on many reports of him and Jordan in Vegas or Charles and others kickin it in a casino.  Charles keep it real and next time you are in Las Vegas try to remember not to go “all in” with a 3-8 off suit. 😉


  1. Barkley’s too good. I love how he made Daly out to be lieing because he said to have lost that much money, you have to have made that much money. It’s like he was trying to prove that he was just as big of a loser.

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